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Fightback – Take action

The TPP means even greater corporate domination of the world, with the consequences of mass unemployment, privatization, austerity, war and ecological devastation. Such deals would keep wealth and power in the hands of the 1%. Instead, the Communist Party of Canada fights to help bring together an international democratic and anti-imperialist front of the democratic, working class and progressive forces around the world, to confront the unfettered power of international finance capital. NO to capitalist trade deals like TPP, TIPP, CETA, and NAFTA! YES to fair and balanced trade and economic cooperation which protects good, union jobs and rising living standards, and is based on peace and disarmament, respect for the sovereignty of all states, democracy and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, solidarity and environmental sustainability!

What can you do to help mobilize against the TPP? Here are a few ideas:

  • Urge your union or community group to pass a resolution and organize against the TPP;
  • Write a letter to the newspaper;
  • Tell your MP to vote no to TPP;
  • Download our petition and circulate it among your friends and co-workers.

A message from the Communist Party of Canada