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Download: signup sheet

Doing a table against the TPP? Have a sign-up sheet! You can download the sign-up sheet online here. Lot’s of people are concerned about the TPP and want to get involved! Download the Sign up sheet


Download: TPP Full-colour leaflet

You can download the full-colour leaflet at the link below, or order leaflets for us to mail to you. Please call our office via the contact information listed on this site above and, for email, on the main page. Download the full-colour leaflet.


Download: TPP Petition

To the Parliament of Canada – Do not ratify the dangerous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal WE THE UNDERSIGNED residents of Canada draw to the attention of the House the following: THAT the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement will sell out the right of the peoples of Canada to determine our economic, social and environmental policies, and instead protect […]