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Share this Video: The TPP and Job losses

This 3 minute video explains how the TPP will cost working people in Canada tens of thousands of jobs, continuing the legacy of Free Trade under NAFTA.


Share this video: The TPP and food sovereignty

This 2 minute video clip briefly explains the impact of the TPP on food sovereignty, using the example of milk and hormones.


Share this Soundcloud interview: What is the TPP?

In this ten minute audio-streaming clip, CPC Leader Liz Rowley addresses many basic concerns with the TPP.


“The TPP Hearings are a sham”

Contribution to the public hearing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, convened by the House Standing Committee on International Trade in Montreal, May 10th 2016 Thank you for letting me speak today. My name is Johan Boyden and I am the Central Organizer of the Communist Party of Canada, which has a 95 year history fighting for […]


Labour, the Economy, the TPP

Excerpts from the 36 Central Convention keynote address by Elizabeth Rowley, leader of the Communist Party of Canada In its relief that the ories were defeated last October, the labour movement in English speaking Canada has swung to the centre, with the CLC leadership literally embracing the Liberals in December when Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland […]


The TPP is not a trade agreement: Communist Party of Australia

May 2016 Notable for its absence in the 2016-17 [Australian] federal budget was any mention of a central economic measure that, if implemented, would impose a profound, binding and punitive regime on Australia’s economic future. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) so-called free trade agreement is not a trade agreement. The purpose of the “partnership,” drafted […]


Violence against Anti-TPP protest in Peru

We have received a report that some three thousand Peruvian anti-TPP demonstrators were attacked with tear gas bombs on Alfonso Ugarte Avenue, and were attacked again when they attempted to reconvene in the Plaza San Martin. More than 25 arrests were made and many injuries were reported. The full story is below, in Spanish. Más […]


Mexican Farmers oppose TPP

Hundreds of thousands of small farmers who survived NAFTA may disappear Farmers coming from seven States and affiliated to the Nacional Front of Milk Producers and Consumers (NFMPC) demonstrated outside the Federal Senate building calling on Legislators to remove their farm sector from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The President of the NFMPC, Álvaro González Muñoz, […]